Jen Hatmaker: “Merry Maids For The Win!”

By - October 14th, 2013


You may know her from her hilarious and brutally honest blog post about being the “the worst mom in America,” or her hilarious post about her appearance on the Today show. Jen Hatmaker embodies a lot of women in this world, she is busy with life and all the things that go with it. Recently the mom, speaker, author and blogger spoke about how wonderful it was to bring Merry Maids into her life.

“These amazing women whipped my sad, sorry house into such shape, you cannot even imagine. They cleaned behind every single piece of furniture, and I actually feared for their lives. It appeared as if we were living in a hovel as squatters, and Merry Maids made it all go away. They even brought treats for Lady Bird [her family dog]and fussed over her like she was the Queen of England.” [Source: Jen Hatmaker “Things I’m Loving” Follow her on Twitter @JenHatmaker]

This is just one of many stories we hear about the impact we make on the lives of our customers. Life is busy and maintaining your home takes a lot of work and time. What is your Merry Maids customer story? What would you do with your free time if you had Merry Maids?