What the Wall Street Journal Says About Choosing a Maid Service?

By - November 5th, 2013


It is often in our lives that we face that perilous decision whether to do something or not to do something. Sometimes its one of those angel/devil on the shoulder type scenarios whereas mostly it comes down to spending money you have or money you don’t. While everyone’s decision making process is different and the reasons weighed differ. One can’t help but relate to making decisions sometimes just to answer the question: What could you do with the time and energy that gets sucked up by mundane chores? Recently an article in the Wall Street Journal asked this very question. Just because I can afford a maid service do I really need one? I mean I probably could spend the money it costs somewhere smarter more helpful for the long time future well-being of my family or that of my children. WSJ columnist, Kathy McLaughlin, thought about this very conundrum and found out that hiring a maid service and the “investment” impact it made into her relationship with her husband was more than just crunching numbers and simple math.

“When I stew over spending the weekend cleaning, I realize there’s a bigger sacrifice on the table than just a spot of elbow grease. Yet monetizing the value of my time, and the value of resolving a simmering discontent in our relationship, and then weighting those elements against our long-term financial goals—that’s the kind of math I’m bad at…Alejandro had decided to overrule all of my objections and do the calculation I found so complicated himself. It was true, he said, that we could use $100 a week for other investments. But this was an investment in our relationship, one of the most valuable assets we have, he said.”

People often overlook the value that Merry Maids provides as a service. Yes we are all about cleaning but when you really look at the value of time and relationships there really isn’t enough money any of us wouldn’t pay to get those needs met. That is the value Merry Maids brings families and our customers every week and year. Sure we are professional, insured and bonded, have thirty plus years of cleaning expertise but its this kind of answer to McLaughlin’s question that really brings the value of why Merry Maids is great choice for your maid service needs. But before you think a service like Merry Maids might be indulgent consider the time and labor you can spend elsewhere when not having to invest in mundane chores all the time? Maybe its volunteering? Perhaps like Kathy in this article realized with her newly found time that she has “been able to finish the renovation of our converted garage. Having the cleaner helped Alejandro and me decide that we would be able to handle bringing his dad to stay with us for a while, so in a way he benefits, too.”

Source: WSJ